Netflix Reportedly Developing The Wrong Missy Sequel

The Wrong Missy

Adam Sandler might be Netflix’s biggest drawing card, with his star vehicles always guaranteed to pull in huge numbers and crack the Top 10 most-watched list whether they’re brand new or two decades old, but the streaming service signed a deal with Happy Madison Productions and not the actor himself, meaning Sandler also gets to put his producing hat on and give some of his buddies their share of the spotlight.

This is hardly a new development, though, and ever since Happy Madison was founded in 1999, the company has churned out a series of movies featuring the Big Daddy star’s regular troupe of frequent collaborators. That includes the Paul Blart duology and Here Comes the Boom with Kevin James, Rob Schneider’s Deuce Bigalow, The Animal and The Hot Chick, and, of course, one of the worst comedies in the history of cinema, otherwise known as Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star.

The Wrong Missy

One of Sandler’s greatest beneficiaries over the years, though, has been David Spade, who took top billing in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, Father of the Year and The Wrong Missy, the latter of which somehow managed to become one of Netflix’s most popular original titles ever when it debuted in May and went on to rack up 59 million streams in the first four weeks it was available.

As is the case with the majority of Happy Madison efforts, reviews weren’t particularly kind, but insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that The Wrong Missy‘s impressive showing in terms of viewership has led to a sequel entering early development. David Spade would no doubt be game to return, and based on how lucrative the Sandler partnership has been for both parties so far, it seems like a distinct possibility that a follow-up may materialize. But for now, we’re still waiting for Netflix to officially announce it.