Netflix Responds To Subscribers Calling The Irishman Boring

The Irishman

Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman is now on Netflix and seems to be living up to all the hype. At least, among critics it is.

With a 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, many are calling The Irishman an epic and meditative story about mortality and a remarkably well put-together film. Even our very own Luke Parker is singing its praises, saying the following about the pic in his review earlier this week:

Handled cautiously and confidently by a pioneering troupe of filmmakers whose legacies were all bred from such mafiusu affairs, The Irishman greets the screen like an old, longed-for friend.

But as you’ve surely heard, it’s also a very long movie. Like, really long. And with the main protagonists all being old white guys, it’s pretty obvious that it won’t appeal to everyone. In fact, a quick look on social media will see tons of people calling it boring and difficult to sit through, and it seems Netflix has heard those complaints.

Replying to one user in particular, the streaming site offered up a rather cheeky response, saying:

The Irishman

Of course, this Tweet is making reference to recent comments from Scorsese, where the director had urged viewers not to watch The Irishman on their phones and instead, seek it out on the biggest screen possible. And frankly, we agree with him, as this really isn’t a movie meant to be viewed in short bursts while on the go.

But at over 3 hours in length, not everyone’s going to be able to sit down in their living room and watch the film all at once, so it’s understandable why some viewers are resorting to watching on their phones or even breaking up The Irishman into several parts and digesting it in bite-sized chunks.

Tell us, though, have you seen the movie yet? If so, how did you choose to watch it? Sound off below and let us know.