Netflix Is Adding A Bunch Of Great Horror Movies This Week For Halloween


We’re not too far away now from Halloween, which will be a bit different this year due to the ongoing pandemic. However, there’s plenty of horror content to keep us all busy across the various streaming and VOD platforms, with Netflix always providing a reliable stream of genre material, including the recently released The Haunting of Bly Manor. What other horror shows and movies are coming to the site, though, over the next few days?

Well, for younger audiences, we have A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting on the 15th, which is based on the book series by Joe Ballarini, with the film being helmed by Doctor Who director Rachel Talalay. Focusing on a character who gets drawn into a secret society of monster-fighting babysitters, this one certainly looks like it’ll be fun based on the recent trailer. Families should also check out ParaNorman, the stop-motion feature from Laika, which arrives on Netflix next Sunday.

Anyone who hasn’t had a chance to watch Unfriended can do so this week as well on the 16th. Levan Gabriadze’s 2014 movie is novel for being set almost wholly on online screens, and has aged surprisingly well, given its technological focus. I recently saw Unfriended for the first time, and it’s arguably much more than its central gimmick, providing some very clear scares and a compelling take on what can be achieved just using screens.

Finally, those looking for international horror can view La Révolution on the same day, a French original drama series wherein a mysterious disease is afflicting the rich in Revolution-era France, and while not exactly scary, Batman: The Killing Joke touches down on the 15th and is certainly a dark and mature watch.

A good collection, then, for subscribers wanting to enjoy the spooky season on the platform. As well as The Haunting of Bly Manor, there’ve been some great Netflix horror titles like Vampires vs. the Bronx on the service in recent weeks and that trend only looks set to continue.