Netflix Users Only Consume 2% Of Its Content In A Given Year


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all of the streaming content at your fingertips? I know I do. There’s been many nights where I peruse Netflix and spend a solid hour trying to decide what to watch. But how much content is actually on Netflix and how much do you watch in a given year? Well, our friends over at went ahead and found out.

Currently, there are 36,667 hours of content available to watch on the streaming platform. To provide better context, it would take someone more than four years to consume all of those movies and television continuously.

In reality, the average viewer only watches roughly 2% of Netflix’s content in a given year, or 733 hours. But keep in mind that the streaming giant’s library changes on a daily basis. So, while 2% might seem minuscule and make you question whether or not you should pay for a subscription, the main takeaway is how much Netflix has to offer.

At the moment, they have more than 5,400 titles in their library. By comparison, Disney Plus has 744 and Hulu 2,657. Netflix is essentially lapping the competition, therefore curating a never-ending stream of content.

And that’s co-CEO Reed Hastings’ ultimate goal. Dominate the market so customers never have to worry about finding something new to watch. And now they’re getting into franchises, with the success of both Extraction and The Old Guard. As such, who knows where they’ll be in five years?

It’s all about the original content at this point. Netflix is no longer the only game in town. With the arrival of HBO Max recently and Peacock launching last week, that 2% might actually go down with so many competitors despite an uptick in viewership thanks to the pandemic. But Netflix isn’t worried one bit. They were first in this new era of media consumption and therefore, they’ve built a brand that will never die.