Netflix Users Are Loving Anthony Mackie’s New Sci-Fi Movie

Outside the Wire

Based on Anthony Mackie‘s recent filmography, two things that the actor really loves are sci-fi and Netflix, so the chance to combine the two isn’t something he’s ever going to pass up. Of course, he has plenty of history diving into the genre on the world’s most popular streaming service having guest starred in an episode of Black Mirror, headlined the forgotten Io and played the lead role in the second and final season of Altered Carbon.

He’s also appeared in the platform’s action comedy Point Blank and will be seen in the upcoming drama The Woman in the Window, while the 42 year-old’s latest collaboration with Netflix debuted yesterday. In what was just one of two sci-fi Mackie projects to be released alongside the existential Synchronic arriving on VOD, Outside the Wire sees the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Falcon play a classified military android who teams up with a disgraced drone pilot to try and recover nuclear weapons from a terrorist cell.

The movie itself is perfectly acceptable and diverting enough weekend entertainment, packed with an almost nonstop barrage of action sequences, even if you can spot the major plot developments coming from a mile off. Netflix subscribers certainly seem to be getting a kick out of Outside the Wire, too, as you can see from the reactions below.

Outside the Wire

Outside the Wire‘s biggest strength is that it’s a fantastic showcase for Anthony Mackie: Action Star, with the leading man also producing and getting the chance to run, gun, punch, shoot and stab his way through a series of well-executed set pieces. Everything else is pretty by the numbers, but as one of the year’s first major action films, it’ll no doubt play well on Netflix for a couple of weeks.