Netflix Viewers Spot Big Ryan Reynolds Goof In 6 Underground


6 Underground is a big movie. And we mean BIG.

Demonstrating what happens when a director like Michael Bay is let loose and allowed to go completely wild in regards to the action, set pieces and stunts, it’s an over the top film in every sense of the word, with everything turned up to 11. And with so much going on and so much mayhem – or should we say, Bayhem? – it’s no wonder that a few things might’ve been overlooked during production.

Case in point: Over on Reddit, Netflix subscribers have spotted a pretty funny blunder involving Ryan Reynolds, which eagle-eyed fans can spot at around the 14:42 mark of the movie. As you can see in the gallery below, in one shot in 6 Underground, Reynolds can be seen filming a video that he posted to social media earlier this year, even though his character is supposed to be in the car that’s involved in the chase scene which is going on at that point in the film.

Of course, this is hardly going to ruin your viewing experience and likely won’t have any impact on anything at all while you watch, but it is a funny little goof and is worth keeping an eye out for the next time you sit down to watch 6 Underground. Or during your first time with it, if you’ve yet to check it out.

And if that’s the case, we suggest that you find some time to spend with Michael Bay’s latest sooner rather than later. After all, the internet is going crazy for it and with the movie leaving the door open for a potential sequel as well, 6 Underground might just be the next big action franchise. Let’s just hope that if we do get a follow-up, no more goofs slip by unnoticed.

Source: Reddit