Netflix’s 10 Most Expensive Original Movies Ever Revealed

6 Underground

Having pledged to spend $20 billion on original content this year alone, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Netflix‘s in-house projects keep getting more and more expensive. However, despite seeming to possess an endless supply of cash, the company have been cutting costs by axing a much higher number of shows that usual, which hasn’t gone down too well with some subscribers.

The streaming service’s business model has always been shrouded in secrecy, and Netflix are under no obligation to reveal viewing data or how much each individual film or TV series costs, leading to much speculation about their financial goings-on. This year has been particularly fertile ground for original movies, though, with hit after hit arriving as the platform solidifies a position as the undisputed leader in the streaming wars.

That sort of success doesn’t come cheap, though, and the list of the ten most expensive Netflix original films ever contains a couple of surprising inclusions. Bringing up the rear is Extraction at $65 million, which was well worth the investment in the end, followed by The Old Guard at $70 million. Another of 2020’s big hits takes eighth place with Project Power coming in at a cost of $85 million, while Netflix’s first major blockbuster occupies seventh spot thanks to David Ayer’s $90 million Bright .

Both the $115 million Triple Frontier and $120 million Outlaw King faded from memory shortly after they arrived, and the buzz surrounding Michael Bay’s $150 million 6 Underground also swiftly tapered off despite the pic initially posting big numbers. The currently shooting Red Notice, meanwhile, is coming in at the same cost as Ryan Reynolds’ aforementioned Netflix blockbuster, but less than Martin Scorsese’s pricey $159 million prestige drama The Irishman.

And finally, the most expensive Netflix original movie ever has only just been announced, but the Russo brothers directing Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling in a globe-trotting espionage actioner goes some way as to explaining why The Gray Man has been given the green light with a massive $200 million budget.