Netflix’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ is getting a behind the scenes podcast

Don't Look Up

Even though the movie managed to rocket straight to the top of the platform’s most-watched list after premiering on Friday, it wouldn’t be unfair to suggest that nobody’s going to be talking about Adam McKay’s star-studded disaster comedy Don’t Look Up by this time next year.

Which is a shame, because the Academy Award-winning writer and director proved with The Big Short and Vice that he knows how to deftly balance sociopolitical themes with biting satire and jet-black humor, all while giving an A-list ensemble plenty of meaty dialogue to sink their teeth into.

The tale of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence’s low-level astronomers trying to warn the world of an impending crisis has received tepid reviews, with many criticizing Don’t Look Up for its holier-than-thou approach to the central storytelling conceit. However, because Netflix evidently shelled out a ton of money for the project, it’s getting a behind the scenes podcast.

Next month brings the rollout of six-episode audio series The Last Movie Ever Made, which dives deep into the making of Don’t Look Up with plenty of exclusive material, including interviews with the illustrious cast. It sounds completely unnecessary, but podcasts are big business these days, so there’s definitely going to be an audience for it.