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Netflix’s latest opinion-splitting blockbuster hits #1 in 69 countries


day shift
Cr. Parrish Lewis/Netflix © 2022.

Netflix can always be relied on to deliver big budget, glossy blockbusters packed with star power and explosive action sequences, but unanimous acclaim is proving a lot harder to come by. The latest case in point is Day Shift, which has managed to score an explosive opening, while splitting opinion right down the middle yet again.

As per FlixPatrol, J.J. Perry’s feature-length directorial debut starring Jamie Foxx as a veteran vampire hunter trying to eradicate an undead conspiracy that threatens the entirety of Los Angeles has instantly debut at number one in a nice 69 countries around the world, instantly sinking its fangs into subscribers everywhere.

However, much like recent contemporaries including Red Notice, The Gray Man, Interceptor, Spiderhead, and many more besides, critics and fans can’t seem to agree on how they feel about it. On Rotten Tomatoes, Day Shift currently holds an underwhelming 56 percent score, but the user rating is hovering around the 70 percent barrier.

Foxx and Perry have both been talking up franchise potential already, but with Day Shift reported to have cost roughly $100 million to produce, Netflix’s almighty algorithm will ultimately have the final say. As mentioned before, middling reviews don’t dissuade subscribers, and the leading man has previous heading up a streaming smash hit with Project Power, so don’t count out Day Shift launching those sequels once the official numbers have started rolling in.

Either way, there’s no denying that an action-packed horror comedy boasting big names and oodles of grisly kills is exactly what people want to see on the weekend, so we’re not surprised Day Shift has exploded out of the blocks.

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