Netflix’s New Horror Movie Is The #1 Film Today

Blood Red Sky

Few things are guaranteed in life, but the latest buzzy original movie from Netflix snagging the top spot on the most-watched list 24 hours after debuting on a Friday is at least something we can always rely on to happen. Such is the global reach of the streaming service’s customer base, new is always going to translate to good in the eyes of subscribers.

Following in the footsteps of recent debutants like Army of the Dead, The Woman in the Window, Fatherhood, Xtreme, Oxygen and the entire Fear Street trilogy, an in-house genre film with either a big star or a high concept has rocketed straight to the summit, and it doesn’t get much higher than Blood Red Sky, a vampire thriller told at 30,000 feet.

Blood Red Sky

Reviews have generally been solid across the board, and viewers have clearly been keen to see what all the fuss is about as Blood Red Sky rides a wave of social media buzz and momentum by delivering the sort of trashy fun with high production values that Netflix always tends to do so well.

Of course, the majority of newbies tend to die off in the space of a few days, so we’ll have to wait and see if Blood Red Sky has any sort of staying power, or if it ends up as the latest in a long line of one-weekend wonders. The recent continued success of Fear Street and A Classic Horror Story shows that folks are keen for buckets of blood and gore when it comes to their Netflix selections, which stands the horror hybrid in good stead for maintaining a high position on the charts for at least the next few days.