Netflix’s New Superhero Movie Has Already Topped The Most-Watched List

Project Power

Netflix‘s newest original superhero movie Project Power is already an enormous hit. After a summer in which COVID-19 did what Thanos couldn’t and swept superheroes from the big screen, the streaming services picked up the slack with some excellent new properties. Now, just a day after its official release, the Jamie Foxx-starring trip-out superhero thriller is at the top of the Netflix charts.

Project Power is about people struggling to deal with a new drug that gives users superpowers for five minutes. What these are varies from person to person, though most stick to the tried-and-tested fire/ice powers, super-speed, invulnerability range. Tossed into this new world is Jamie Foxx’s Art, who must root out where the drug is coming from before it tears society apart. He’s joined by a cop played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who’s concluded the only way to fight the drug is to begin taking it himself, and a high school drug dealer portrayed by Dominque Fishback.

All three performers are picking up solid reviews for their work in the film, though many are particularly loving Fishback, dubbing this her breakthrough role after she began turning heads in The Hate U Give. Audiences also seem to be enjoying the pic quite a bit, heaping praise on it on social media and many calling for a sequel.

So, is it only a matter of time before Project Power 2 is greenlit? Well, Netflix has recently demonstrated that they’re open to sequels to their original movies, with Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction getting a follow-up that’s being rushed through development.

Still, any sequel is a way off in the future and right now, it’s time to enjoy what we’ve got. After The Old GuardProject Power and the hugely anticipated second season of The Boys over on Amazon Prime, perhaps audiences will begin pondering whether they still need the MCU and DCEU.