New Army Of Thieves Posters Reveal Dieter’s Safecrackers

Army of Thieves

At last week’s TUDUM event, Netflix revealed the first full-length trailer for Army of Thieves, the second chapter in the rapidly-expanding Army of the Dead universe that already has animated companion series Lost Vegas in post-production, with a sequel to Zack Snyder’s smash hit opening installment also in the early stages of development.

We’re less than four weeks away from the return of Matthias Schweighöfer’s instant fan favorite Dieter, although he won’t be battling against hordes of zombies this time. The actor also directs Army of Thieves, which has been described as a romantic heist comedy that coincidentally happens to take place against the backdrop of an impending undead apocalypse.

Set six years before Army of the Dead, Dieter is enlisted by Nathalie Emmanuel’s mysterious Gwendoline to pull of an impossible job, meaning they’ll need a team. Netflix has now revealed a trio of posters for the upcoming original, showcasing the motley crew at Dieter’s disposal.

Army of the Dead is one of Netflix ten most-watched in-house films ever, and while we shouldn’t expect Army of Thieves to reach those sort of numbers given its smaller scale and distinct lack of overt zombie action, that doesn’t mean it won’t dominate the viewership charts as the multimedia mythology continues to expand.