New Art Series Imagines Suicide Squad As A Cartoon


Suicide Squad proved to be quite divisive when it landed in theaters back in August, though the general consensus ultimately seemed to be one of disappointment. Make no mistake about it, Task Force X absolutely crushed it at the box office, bringing in almost $750 million worldwide, but for fans and critics, the group’s debut outing was a wholly mediocre one.

That doesn’t mean it’s the last we’ve seen of Deadshot, Harley Quinn and the gang though. Far from it, in fact. We know that Warner Bros. is eyeing a Suicide Squad 2, and of course, a spinoff featuring Harley has already been greenlit. It’ll arrive in the form of Gotham City Sirens and may also feature Batman characters such as Catwoman and Poison Ivy. It seems that the studio has big plans for the property then, but what else potentially lies ahead?

As of right now, it’s too soon to say for sure, but after seeing this new batch of art in the gallery above, Warner Bros. may want to look into a cartoon series for Task Force X. Artist Brandon Pike has put together a couple of fun images depicting some of the key players from Suicide Squad in cartoon form, and it definitely has us curious as to what a full blown animated series for the gang may look like.

DC’s certainly no stranger to animation, and while the Suicide Squad has appeared in that format in the past (see: Batman: Assault on Arkham, among others), they’ve never quite looked like they do here. Unfortunately, the chances of seeing something like this ever come to fruition are probably pretty slim, but that doesn’t make this art series any less enjoyable to browse through.

Take a look at what Pike’s put together up above and let us know where you think Warner Bros. should take the franchise next by sounding off down below!