New Avengers 4 Set Photo Reveals Classic Iron Man Weapon


A few days ago, some concept art made its way online that showed off the new look which Iron Man will be sporting in next year’s Avengers 4. Since then, fans have speculated that this unusual silver and red design may not be the completed version of Stark’s next suit but rather its “under armor.” Either that, or its transitional appearance between nanotech modifications.

And while it still remains to be seen what exactly Tony Stark will be wearing the next time we see him on screen, we’ve now got a great look at what he may be wielding, and it seems as if Marvel’s giving Iron Man a classic weapon that fans are going to go nuts for. Yes, down in the gallery below you’ll be able to lay eyes on the hero’s proton cannon. You may recognize it from the Marvel vs. Capcom video games, and though it’s yet to appear on the big screen, it looks as if it’ll be making its debut in Avengers 4.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed by the studio just yet, but the piece of machinery in the image below certainly looks like the proton cannon and lord knows Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will need all the firepower they can get if they’re to stop the Mad Titan once and for all.

If recent rumors are to be believed, this could very well be Tony Stark’s last chance to wield the weapon, too. After all, Robert Downey Jr.’s contract is now up and there’ve been clues throughout the filming of Spider-Man: Far From Home that Stark’s going to be absent from the MCU by that point. We’ll no doubt get a better idea of what’s going on when that first Avengers 4 trailer drops, but at the moment, it’s sounding like he hasn’t got long left.

In any case, you can look for RDJ’s superhero to take flight once more when the Infinity War sequel blasts into theaters next summer, by which point we should have a much clearer understanding of Joe and Anthony Russo’s master plan and what it means for Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No pressure, then.

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