New batch of ‘The Batman’ posters spotlight colorful cast

In the new posters for 'The Batman,' each of the main characters are cast in a different hue that wonderfully aligns with their entire vibe.

A new batch of official posters for The Batman has just hit the web and they do a great job of spotlighting The Dark Knight and his coterie of supervillains, who we’ve come to know and love.

In these new images, each of the main characters are bathed in a unique hue, with Robert Pattinson’s Batman highlighted in red and Zoë Kravitz’ Catwoman looking cool in blue — motifs we’ve seen associated with those characters in previously released promo art.

However, what’s really nice to see in this new batch of images is the inclusion of our most close-up images yet of the villains in the film. We see Paul Dano’s Riddler dripping in the sickly green glow of Gotham’s urban light pollution, as well as Colin Ferrell’s Penguin looking purple in a three-piece suit against a golden-hour city skyline on the water.

The images, which are in Spanish, come to us from Reddit; however, not much information was provided as to the source the original poster got them from.

However, one person on Twitter managed to spot the new posters displayed in the real world Monday. For that reason, we’re guessing they’re the genuine article, despite the images not yet being unveiled on the official The Batman Twitter account.

The Batman swings into theaters March 4.