New Captain America: Civil War Concept Art Shows Off Some Possible Designs For Wakanda

In the mid-credits scene of Captain America: Civil War, we got our first look at Black Panther‘s home nation of Wakanda. However, the scenes were shot inside a pretty futuristic building and we only got a glimpse of the outside when a massive panther statue was spotted hidden within the mist.

Now, we have some new concept art which may shed a little light on how we can expect T’Challa’s home to look when the Ryan Coogler-helmed movie is released in 2018. It’s important to note that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has said in past interviews that Wakanda was deliberately not shown because he wanted the director to come up with his own take, but it’s still highly likely that some of Andrew Leung’s designs will be taken into consideration.

That’s perfectly alright with us, too, as we quite like what we see here. The fact that Wakanda’s capital – Birnin Zana – is surrounded by water is a very interesting move, while the futuristic architecture is pretty much exactly what most of us expected Marvel to go for and definitely fits.

Black Panther is expected to begin production early next year, so we’ll no doubt get our first look at the movie later on in 2017. Chances are Marvel has already locked down the design for Wakanda, but with the fictional location set to be brought to life with the help of what will no doubt be some heavy special effects, don’t expect to get a first look courtesy of any set photos.