More Child’s Play Promo Art Teases The Film’s First Trailer

Child's Play 2

The first trailer for Child’s Play arrives tomorrow – Thursday the 7th – as it’ll be attached to The Prodigy. Just so we don’t forget, though, this new promo art (seen below) reminds us to get ready for the return of Chucky. In what looks to be a warehouse filled with boxed Buddi dolls, Chucky stands shrouded in shadows with a knife in his hand.

Orion Pictures is heavily promoting the trailer as a fun teaser for it has also been unveiled. Framed as a real press release for the fictional Kaslan Corp, it saw CEO Henry Kaslan (Tim Matheson) teasing his company’s latest product – a new smart toy for children everywhere, fitted with a cutting-edge artificial intelligence. The entirety of science fiction has told us that nothing at all is going to go wrong here, right?

Yes, the Child’s Play reboot won’t star a serial killer-possessed regular doll like the original film but will be about about an A.I. toy that goes evil – a bit like Westworld, but if Evan Rachel Wood was two-foot tall and in dungarees. The rest of the premise is essentially the same, though: Aubrey Plaza’s Karen Barclay buys her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) a Buddi Doll for his birthday and freak deaths start occurring.

If the first trailer goes down well, it should help alleviate fans’ worries about the reboot. Creator Don Mancini has made his feelings clear about the fact that the studio’s remaking the property without him, though at least he’s still helming a Syfy TV series set in the continuity of the original series.

If tomorrow’s trailer makes you “wanna play,” then you can catch Child’s Play in cinemas on June 21st, the same day as Toy Story 4 (we see what they did there).