New Image Confirms Batmobile In Justice League Reshoots


By now, we’re pretty sure that there’s some kind of law put in place mandating that if Batman appears in any kind of live action movie, the Batmobile had better be in tow. Having already been seen in both Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, it should come as no surprise that the Dark Knight is bringing his latest set of wheels along for Justice League.

Not long ago, it was revealed that none other than Joss Whedon would be overseeing reshoots and post-production, much to the delight of many fans due to his previous success with two Avengers films. What’s more is that some of those added or reshot scenes are taking place in Gotham City, which should surprise nobody because Warner Bros. simply can’t get enough of Batman – but that’s a conversation for another day.

Continuing on that note, a new photo has now emerged from where said reshoots are occurring, confirming the presence of the Batmobile. And while Jason Momoa’s swashbuckling Aquaman unfortunately isn’t surfing on the hood, it’s pretty cool to be granted such a closeup nevertheless.

Right now, it’s hard to deduce how the iconic vehicle is being utilized, but it may be safe to assume that the Rite-Aid seen in the background isn’t key to the plot – though you never know. Maybe Batman needed to fill a prescription or is making a beer run in Arthur Curry’s stead. Regardless, all will be revealed when Justice League arrives in theatres on November 17.

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