New Images Of Ben Affleck As Justice League’s Batman Emerge


These days, we’ve come to expect for superheroes to undergo upgrades and general costume changes between movies. Coincidentally enough, the character we’re here to discuss today was a trendsetter in that regard, having set the precedent in the quadrilogy of films directed by Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher. We are, of course, speaking of Batman.

As memorable as some of those suits were – not to mention those that followed in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy – I couldn’t help but notice that Hollywood couldn’t get away from this solid black look when it came to the various costumes worn by the Caped Crusader. Yes, there was some grey to be seen on what Christian Bale donned, but it was hard to make out if you weren’t looking at it in direct sunlight.

So, when Ben Affleck came along in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, I was more than thrilled to see him wearing a costume that was more in line with my expectations as a comic book reader. Naturally, that carried over to Justice League, but with a variety of modifications to be made.

Now, thanks to allthingsmultiverse over on Instagram, we can present to you a couple of new images taken from the historic team-up flick, both of which can be viewed in the accompanying gallery. From the look of it, they may very well have been snapped around the time of costume tests.

We say that because Affleck isn’t wearing the eye makeup that he and the various Batmen to have preceded him are known for. It may seem like something simple, sure, but applying some black around the ocular area does wonders when seamlessly blending an actor’s face with his cowl.

If you don’t believe me, go back and watch the third act of Batman Returns. In it, Michael Keaton tears off his cowl, thus revealing his character as Bruce Wayne to Selina Kyle. In doing so, his eye makeup mysteriously vanishes seconds before he unmasks – and it’s very noticeable.

Anyways, be sure to let us know how you think this Justice League costume stacks up against those of the past in the comments section down below.

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