New Indiana Jones 5 Set Photos Fuel Time Travel Rumors

indiana jones
Image via Lucasfilm

Phoebe Waller-Bridge may have recently dropped out of Amazon’s episodic Mr. & Mrs. Smith reboot opposite Donald Glover, but the actress and filmmaker is still having a pretty great 2021.

The two-time Golden Globe winner has been winning praise from the cast, critics and audiences for how she handled the female characters in No Time to Die, with the James Bond sequel playing like gangbusters at the box office. On top of that, she’s currently shooting Indiana Jones 5 in Sicily with Harrison Ford, and new set photos have revealed her getting caught up in the midst of an intense action sequence.

As revealed by The Daily Mail, Ford’s iconic adventurer looks to be wearing a parachute harness of some kind, with Waller-Bridge’s mystery character dragging him out of a ditch. Interestingly, there’s an entire battalion of Roman soldiers captured in the images, which comes hot on the heels of rumors that time travel could be one of the movie’s major plot devices.

It’s certainly curious to see Indy and his companion dealing with what looks to be a violent battle between opposing armies, and without context it’s difficult to explain how they could find themselves in such a bizarre situation without considering the Indiana Jones 5 time travel speculation.