New Logan Concept Art Shows Alternate Wolverine, X-23, Professor X Designs And More

Logan has been a bigger hit than anyone ever expected. Just yesterday, it was revealed that Hugh Jackman’s final adventure as Wolverine has passed $500 million at the worldwide box office, with $184 million coming from domestic showings and $339 million from overseas. That’s awfully impressive for an R-rated comic book movie, especially one that strays so far from the norm.

Last week, we saw an interesting batch of concept art from the James Mangold-helmed released and today, we’ve got even more to share with you. The photos in the gallery above offer up a fascinating look at alternate designs for each of the lead characters. Award-winning concept design and visual effects studio Aaron Sims Creative (ASC) is responsible for these pieces and looking at their take on Logan, it’s clear to see that they were influenced by Clint Eastwood.

Interestingly, X-23 has been imagined as being quite a bit older here, too, and actress Dafne Keen could very well be a teenager with a new look like this by the time her next appearance rolls around in a movie such as X-Force. The Caliban and Professor X designs are also pretty cool, especially as the former is depicted as being a little less human, a look fans of his comic book counterpart will be very familiar with.

With any luck, the eventual release of Logan on Blu-ray will feature even more concept art and alternate designs that shed some light on what could have been. Until that point though, take a look at this new batch in the gallery above and let us know what you think of it.