New Look At Peter Parker’s Revamped Spider-Man: No Way Home Costume Revealed

The latest issue of Empire Magazine reveals our best look yet at Peter Parker’s revamped costume for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Thanks to Stark Industries backing him up, Tom Holland’s Spidey has had more super-suits than Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s versions combined, and his wardrobe’s only going to get bigger in his third solo outing. We’ve already caught glimpses of his new black and gold threads in the trailers.

This new cover highlights his altered main costume. At the end of Far From Home, Peter switched to a red-and-black themed suit. It looks like he’ll be sticking with that going into No Way Home, except now it’s been upgraded with some additional features. As you can see via the Empire first look below, the costume now has some extra silver detailing which connects with the enlarged spider emblem on his back.

The cover, which would make a great official poster itself, also showcases some teases at the many enemies the hero will be facing in the threequel. Doctor Octopus’ mechanical limbs surround Peter, while Electro’s lightning lashes around him. And then there’s a rogue pumpkin bomb, echoing the trailer’s hint at the return of Green Goblin. Remember, these three will be played by legacy stars Alfred Molina, Jamie Foxx, and Willem Dafoe in the movie.

It’s worth pointing out that Sony Pictures has responded to Empire’s cover reveal with a tweet featuring three spider emojis. Given that we’re all waiting on confirmation that Maguire and Garfield really are back for No Way Home, this tweet could definitely have a major hidden meaning. But are they trying to tell us something or just trolling us?

Unfortunately, it could be a while before we get another trailer, but at least Spider-Man: No Way Home wasn’t part of the recent MCU schedule reshuffle and is still set to swing into theaters this Dec. 17.