New Morbius Trailer Contains A Secret Reference To Oscorp


The new trailer for the many-times-delayed Morbius releases today, though chances are many of you will have already seen it. That’s because, in a major breach of security, it leaked online 24 hours early. The new footage fleshes out Jared Leto’s antihero, who appears to come in a number of forms on a scale from emaciated vampire monster to very buff dude.

One aspect that’s generating gossip (especially after the Venom: Let There Be Carnage post-credits scene) is how much crossover there’ll be with the MCU. Michael Keaton’s Vulture reappears in the trailer, and it seems likely there’ll be some other cameos from other characters.

But eagle-eyed viewers have spotted a reference to the much-missed Green Goblin. This comes in the form of a building in the background with a prominent ‘Oscorp’ logo on it. In a curious twist, the design of the logo is the same as in The Amazing Spider-Man, but the jury’s out on whether that’s significant or not.

Gobby should be back in style soon, as Spider-Man: No Way Home seems certain to see Willem Dafoe reprising his 2002 role from Spider-Man, as the debut trailer showed a very familiar pumpkin bomb wreaking havoc. As the walls between Spider-verses collapse, it appears all manner of old favorites will be meeting up, so perhaps Morbius will also be dragged into the fray.

If that happens, don’t expect it to be more than a post-credits scene, as the rest of the film has been in the can for some time. Still, we know that Sony and Marvel Studios are embracing each other’s universes, so there’s likely to be many more Spidey nods throughout Jared Leto’s bloodsucking caper.

Morbius hits theaters on January 28, 2022.