Watch: New Morbius Trailer Leaks Online 24 Hours Early


Very recently, it was claimed that the reason we haven’t seen a new Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer is because Sony and Marvel Studios can’t agree on whether the footage should reveal and officially confirm the appearances of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

The two parties should probably come to a solution very soon, though, because at this rate the footage is going to leak online before they get a chance to unveil it themselves. Following on from Venom: Let There Be Carnage‘s post-credits scene and oodles of promo materials from No Way Home, the latest trailer for Morbius has made its way onto the internet 24 hours ahead of schedule.

Fans are still to be won over by Jared Leto’s debut as the Living Vampire, and if you’re on the fence about the movie, then the 60-second clip isn’t going to do much to change your mind. Evidently, Sony is hoping the Let There Be Carnage and No Way Home connections could yield a bump in box office takings, but Morbius is by no means guaranteed success.

As the first standalone superhero movie to be released by Sony in a long time that doesn’t have Venom or Spider-Man front and center, Morbius could be pivotal to determining the long-term outlook of the studio’s shared superhero universe, for better or worse.