New Photo From Netflix’s Red Notice Is All About Star Power

red notice wrap 7

If there’s one movie this year guaranteed to draw in a massive audience, it’s Netflix blockbuster Red Notice. It might be a streaming exclusive that’s coming to the platform on November 12th, but if the project was being released theatrically it would inevitably make a sh*tload of money, based on nothing but the talent involved.

Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot are three of the biggest, most popular, highest-paid and bankable stars in the industry, all of whom built their respective reputations on crowd pleasing escapist entertainment. Put the trio together, drop them into a high concept setup with a $200 million budget, and Red Notice is surely too big to fail.

Johnson’s Interpol agent gets drawn into action when the titular arrest warrant is issued, which puts him on a collision course with Reynolds’ con artist and Gadot’s art thief. Expect plenty of glamorous locations, finely tailored outfits and witty banter, then, and a new images showcases the A-listers displaying maximum star wattage, as you can see below.

Red Notice has every chance of dislodging Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction to become Netflix’s most-watched original movie ever, with Johnson and Reynolds both riding high from the success of the Disney-backed Jungle Cruise and Free Guy. They generated plenty of chemistry in Hobbs & Shaw, and dropping Gadot into the equation should only increase the excitement and entertainment levels.