Red Notice Producer Explains Why Fans Will Love Netflix’s Biggest Movie Ever

red notice wrap 7

As Netflix continues to assert dominance in the streaming wars, the platform is constantly going to raise its own bar in order to ensure that subscribers are being steadily fed a consistent line of top quality original content. The platform has doubled down in the last couple of years when it comes to crafting mega budget in-house blockbusters, and Red Notice is comfortably going to be the outfit’s most high profile feature film yet.

Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot are three of the most popular and highest-paid stars in Hollywood, and that’s been reflected in their contracts, with all of them pocketing at least $20 million apiece for their participation in Rawson Marshall Thurber’s globetrotting high concept actioner.

Johnson’s Interpol agent, Reynolds’ con artist and Gadot’s art thief find themselves set on a collision course, and with a November 12th release date recently being confirmed, we shouldn’t be too far away from a full-length trailer. Red Notice stands every chance of dethroning Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction as Netflix’s most-watched original film ever, and it could also be the first to crack 100 million streams in its first four weeks of availability.

In a new interview, producer Hiram Garcia teased what audiences should expect from Red Notice, and why they’re guaranteed to love it long before they’ve even had a chance to watch it all the way through.

“These three actors are so incredible together. Gal, Ryan, and DJ have such amazing chemistry and look awesome together. You just can’t get enough of them. Plus, the film has a fun throwback vibe to it, with DJ being an FBI profiler chasing after the most wanted art thieves in the world. It’s truly a big globe-trotting adventure and the kind of movie that delivers on the fun escapism that I think the world could use more of right now. We’re very proud of the movie, and excited for it to release on November 12th around the world. In essence, you’re seeing Black Adam, Deadpool and Wonder Woman in another version on screen. Who doesn’t want to see that?”

With a budget pegged to be hovering around the $200 million mark and a trio of A-listers in the lead roles, people are expecting big things from Red Notice. Johnson and Thurber’s last team-up in thinly-veiled Die Hard knockoff Skyscraper was a bit of a damp squib that suffered from one-note characters, formulaic plotting and some iffy CGI, but let’s hope the power of the Netflix machine irons out any such problems.