New Justice League Photos Reveal The Original Arkham Scene

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There’s a rabid fanbase surrounding the fabled Zack Snyder cut of Justice Leaguewith the director’s faithful followers demanding that Warner Bros. release his original version of his DC team-up movie. It’s looking increasingly unlikely that this will ever happen, though, so any snaps of snippets shared by Snyder or his team online are always analyzed by fans as they try to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. And here’s some new evidence to add to the pile.

Cinematographer Fabian Wagner has shared some stills from Snyder’s Justice League that reveal the original version of the film’s Arkham Asylum scene. The three photos show guards approaching Lex Luthor’s cell, as the camera pans towards the bald straight-jacketed figure standing in the dark.

This is a familiar scene, as these shots are featured in the theatrical cut. These particular stills, however, feature a different color grading to that used by Joss Whedon. The full sequence reveals that this isn’t Luthor and rather, just another folicly-challenged inmate who Lex’s got to take his place while he lives it up on his yacht, recruiting villains for his Injustice League.

It’s interesting that Wagner released these pics now, as we’ve just heard that Jesse Eisenberg only recently discovered that Justice League isn’t going to get a sequel, likely meaning his days as Lex Luthor are done. He shouldn’t take it personally, though, as it looks like the whole Superman mythos is being rebooted within the DCEU. The Man of Steel himself, Henry Cavill, included.

We’ve been waiting nearly two years for the Snyder Cut, but fans aren’t giving up hope. The latest angle the campaign is taking is to get Warner to drop the original Justice League on their upcoming HBO Max streaming service. Whether it’ll work or not will be told in time, but it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea.