Thrilling New Trailer For The Predator Explodes Online


After finally reaching the next evolutionary stage, 20th Century Fox wasted no time crescendoing the marketing campaign for The Predator and today, we’ve got a brand spanking new teaser highlighting the ugliest motherfucker in the universe for you.

Granted, spending the better part of a decade waiting for the Jim and John Thomas-created extraterrestrial killing machine to get another shot at a proper sequel was exasperating, but with Shane Black behind the camera, and a mega form of the eponymous beast set to debut, we’re certainly reaping the benefit of being patient now.

That said, the waiting is far from over, unfortunately. Earlier this month, Fox ordered The Predator to undergo further reshoots, and what with the film having already undergone extensive reshoots in Vancouver earlier this year, and watched a pair of release dates fall by the wayside, the news had those of us aching to sink our teeth into the extraterrestrial killing machine’s latest theatrical run clenching our cup holder for dear life.

Still, the release date for The Predator remains as September 14th and, with any luck, it’ll stay that way. But just in case you need to calm that one twitching nerve, the juicy trailer up above should do the trick – even if it doesn’t have much in the way of fresh footage.

Initially scheduled for a premiere this past February, which was pushed to August, and then subsequently moved once again, The Predator – starring Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key, Jacob Tremblay and Sterling K. Brown – is currently slated for a release on the 14th of September, later this year. Although, with a new set of reshoots now scheduled, anything can happen, so let’s just keep our fingers crossed, ok?