New Thor: Ragnarok Set Video Shows Off Some Stunts


It’s no secret that the God of Thunder has had a bit of a difficult time connecting with audiences when it comes to his solo outings. While Thor and Thor: The Dark World were far from what we’d call bad films, they’re certainly on the weaker side in regards to what Marvel usually puts out, paling in comparison to stuff like Captain America: Civil WarDoctor StrangeThe AvengersIron Man 3, etc.

So, it’s no surprise then that a lot of eyes are now on Thor: Ragnarok to see if the third time really will be the charm for the Asgardian. With the film now having finished production, it’s safe to say that we should be getting something official from it quite soon, but until we do, we’ll have to settle for the constant barrage of set photos and videos which have been emerging over the past few months.


The latest clip to arrive is the one you’ll see above, and it shows off stuntwoman Zoe Bell doing some stunt work for Cate Blanchett. It’s hardly something to stop the presses, of course, but since we don’t really seem to be getting anything else from the film, we’ll take it. We’re not exactly sure when this video is from, given that Ragnarok is already done shooting, but we imagine there won’t be too many more of these finding their way online. After all, it’s about time we got an official trailer.

Until we do, though, we can only speculate as to how the film will turn out. Having been teased as one of Marvel’s biggest efforts to date, and the Sorcerer Supreme all but confirmed to make a cameo, not to mention that there’s a huge role for The Hulk, we have a lot to look forward to with the threequel.

That’s why it’s unfortunate then that at this point, it seems like the studio may be waiting until the new year to blow the lid off Thor: Ragnarok. If that’s the case, which it most likely is, you can always whet your appetite with the excellent fan-made trailer below.