There’s A New Poster For Thor: The Dark World, And It’s Pretty Awesome


We’ve seen the concept art, a few images released, an earlier version of the poster, but now we get a new, official poster for Thor: The Dark World, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Looks pretty good from the trimmed image above, right? Some big heads, there’s Thor there, that could be a beheaded Loki right behind him, there’s missiles, some kind of massive structure…let’s just cut to the chase:


You can see Thor and Jane there, front row-centre, and Loki lurking, looming evilly in the background. This is possibly a metaphor for the rumours surrounding Loki’s role in the film, whereby he must make amends with Thor to team up against Malkeith, who becomes too dominant for either to defeat on their own. We can also see Anthony Hopkins as Odin, and a faceless mass of dark elves in the background – presumably an analogue of the aliens in The Avengers, a relentless force that keeps on coming and coming and coming.

It’s shaping up to be really exciting. Out of all the Marvel movies Thor was my personal favourite, so I’m really looking forward to Thor: The Dark World. Luckily we don’t have to wait too long as it’s released on October 30th in the UK and November 8th in the US.