New Video Details All The Joker Scenes Which Failed To Make It Into Suicide Squad’s Extended Cut


Suicide Squad received a mixed response from both fans and critics alike, but one of the biggest complaints came in regards to Jared Leto’s Joker. Some people loved the Academy Award winning actor’s take on the Clown Prince of Crime and others hated it, but pretty much everyone agreed that Warner Bros. butchered the character in the editing room.

Leto has made it clear in the months since the film’s release that he’s not happy with how his performance was handled in post production, but most of us hoped that it would be improved upon in the much anticipated Extended Cut of Suicide Squad. Sadly, despite the fact that it added a minute or two of new material revolving around The Joker, that did not prove to be the case.

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The video at the top of the page actually puts the spotlight on the scenes which made neither cut, examining set photos, B-Roll footage and even the TV spots and trailers to figure out what else has been left on the cutting room floor. We’ve heard that Warner Bros. greatly altered the villain’s role in Suicide Squad in order to make his relationship with Harley Quinn less abusive, and many of these scenes here actually revolve around those two.

The biggest loss for Suicide Squad when it comes to Joker moments is probably the part where a burned up Mr. J confronts Task Force X. We’re guessing that it was probably cut so that a new, happier ending could be inserted where the villain rescues Harley from jail, rather than walking out on her when she rejects her Puddin’ in order to remain with Amanda Waller’s team. Whether or not it would have made a huge difference in people’s opinion on the movie is hard to say, but it might have very well worked out better than what we ultimatwly got.

To see what else didn’t make it into the final product, take a look for yourself at the video above and tell us which of these scenes featuring The Joker would you have liked to see in Suicide Squad.