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Nick Jonas Puts His Name Forward For The Batman

Over on Instagram, Jumanji actor Nick Jonas put himself forward for the vacant role of The Batman – but would he make a good Bruce Wayne?


Hollywood is in need of a new Caped Crusader.

Following three films as the World’s Greatest Detective (see: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and Justice League), Ben Affleck has officially hung up the cape and cowl – presumably for good, unless Matt Reeves has a top-secret cameo planned for The Batman.

Nevertheless, his decision to part ways with the legendary DC hero has naturally sent the Internet into a tailspin, as everyone begins to nominate a potential successor to Batfleck. Armie Hammer and The Punisher‘s Ben Barnes have been name-dropped as likely candidates for Warner’s most coveted role, though over on Instagram (h/t Commentsbycelebs), Nick Jonas of Jumanji fame tossed his name into the proverbial hat for the vacant Batman role.

Jonas’ comment was, of course, made in jest, but at 26 years young, the singer-turned-actor certainly fits the bill for Matt Reeves and Warner’s latest project.

You can’t fault Jonas’ enthusiasm; still, this is likely a multi-picture deal, which leads us to believe that Warner Bros. will vote in favor of a more established actor when selecting their next Batman. So while Nick Jonas is a remarkable individual whose talent spans music, movies and television, the ninth incarnation of Bruce Wayne will likely come bearing a more robust filmography – like, say, Armie Hammer, who’s long proven his acting credentials across projects like The Social Network, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Call Me By Your Name.

All we know for sure is that The Batman has been scheduled for release on June 25th, 2021 – precisely seven weeks before James Gunn’s reinvention of the Suicide Squad franchise, which itself will feature Zack Snyder as executive producer.

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