Warner Bros. Wants A Familiar Face For Their New Batman


The era of Batfleck is no more, folks.

Aside from the possibility of a small cameo in Matt Reeves’ upcoming standalone outing for the Dark Knight, it looks like Ben Affleck is officially done with playing Gotham’s Caped Crusader, leaving The Batman in the hands of a young protégé. From what we understand, Reeves is eyeing an actor in his mid-20s for what will no doubt be a pretty different version of the iconic DC hero, though further details are being kept under lock and key for the time being.

That said, a new tweet from Variety’s Justin Kroll has shed some light on the situation tonight, as it tells us that Warner Bros. is looking for a familiar face to fill Affleck’s shoes. And that things are moving along faster than we thought.

“THE BATMAN sounds like it could move faster then people would expect with the date set. Hearing studio wants a familiar face and Reeves has his certain age in mind and that age is very specific like I said two names within 7 years of each other; “Too young, too Old’.

Unfortunately, Kroll would’t mention any frontrunners or candidates, but everyone from Kit Harington to Jack O’Connell has been rumored as the next Batman in recent weeks. And though it’ll likely be a while yet before we learn who the studio settles on, we can at least take comfort knowing that WB execs are seemingly enamored with Reeves’ script.

The Batman (or whatever it winds up being called) will soar into theaters on June 25th, 2021, before James Gunn’s Suicide Squad reboot follows suit in August of the same year, and as soon as we hear anything further on who Warner Bros. has in mind to replace Ben Affleck, we’ll be sure to let you know, so stay tuned.

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