The Batman Isn’t The Official Title Of Matt Reeves’ Batman Movie


For the longest time now, we’ve all been referring to Matt Reeves’ upcoming DC movie as “The Batman,” and by force of habit, many of us will probably continue to do so in the near future, but going by a recently shared production listing, this may not be the name that Warner Bros. ends up settling on.

The information comes to us courtesy of frequent leaker Daniel Richtman, who’s shared a screenshot of a listing that simply labels the movie as “Untitled Batman Project.” Evidently, we may have been jumping the gun in assuming the name to be “The Batman,” which is hardly surprising seeing how this title was first used several years ago when the project was looking very different from how it does now (remember when we all thought Ben Affleck might direct the film?).

In any case, it could only be a matter of months before the official title of The Batman is confirmed, with recent reports indicating that production may begin as soon as this November with a spring 2021 release in mind. And while few details about the project have been revealed so far, most fans have generally come to terms with the fact that Ben Affleck probably won’t be returning for this one.

We’ve heard it said previously that the new Bruce Wayne could be announced by May or June, in which case, it hopefully won’t be that much longer before we find out who the Caped Crusader’s next set of adversaries may be. As it stands, Josh Gad has made it clear that he really wants to play the Penguin, though Warner Bros, may well have other ideas in mind. Either way, after years of setbacks, it’s nice to see that things may be finally moving forward with The Batman, or whatever we end up calling it.