Nick Jonas Reportedly Being Eyed For MCU Role

Nick Jonas

Based on the recent chatter, you’d think that Marvel Studios were intent to populate their X-Men reboot entirely with pop stars. Following on from the news that Lady Gaga is reportedly wanted for Emma Frost and Harry Styles has held talks with the studio regarding Pyro, another name from the same field has entered the conversation. Unfortunately, though, it isn’t Rick Astley pulling the ultimate Rickroll and suiting up as Wolverine.

We’ve heard from our sources this week – the same ones that told us Marvel were working on Disney Plus shows for She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel before either of them were officially announced, and that the Fast & Furious franchise is headed to space, which is now confirmed – that Nick Jonas is being eyed for the role of Havok, who’s set to play a much bigger part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s reboot than previous incumbent Lucas Till was afforded in the Fox franchise.

Nick Jonas

The 27 year-old might have shot to fame singing alongside his brothers, but over the last few years, Nick Jonas has carved out a solid second career as an actor, and he’s a lot better at it than you might think. As well as featuring in both of the blockbuster Jumanji sequels, Jonas also appeared in Roland Emmerich’s World War II disaster drama Midway. Furthermore, anyone that’s seen criminally underrated TV series Kingdom will be fully aware that he’s a genuine talent in front of the camera, and had one of the most complex and interesting character arcs across the show’s three seasons.

The Jonas Brothers may have reunited to the joy of millions of fans everywhere, but a major role in an MCU blockbuster like X-Men would take his acting career to a whole new level. Not to mention that Marvel could simply decide to go for broke and cast Nick and Kevin as Havok’s brothers Cyclops and Vulcan to complete the set.