Nicolas Cage opens up on the chances of a ‘Star Wars’ reunion with Pedro Pascal

the unbearable weight of massive talent
via Lionsgate

Having proven themselves to be one hell of a double act in the phenomenal self-aware action comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, the prospect of seeing Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal teaming up again would be a dream come true, especially if it were to happen in the Star Wars universe.

The Mandalorian star has admitted in the past that he’d love for it to happen, and you can guarantee that fans all over the world would lose their minds if Cage was to bring his unique stylings to a galaxy far, far away to chow down on as much scenery as humanly possible.

The Disney Plus smash hit has cultivated a reputation for surprise cameos, and Pascal is clearly itching to witness some firsthand Cage Rage all over again, but could it actually happen? Unfortunately, the Academy Award winner had some bad news to deliver when asked about it by Kevin Polowy.

the unbearable weight of massive talent

“No… I’m not really down. I’m a Trekkie, man. I’m on the Enterprise, that’s where I roll. That’s a fact, I grew up watching Shatner, I thought Pine was terrific in the movies, I think the movies are outstanding, I like the political and the sociological… To me, what I think science fiction is all about… and Star Trek really embraced that. They got into some serious stuff.”

Being a Star Trek supporter doesn’t mean you can’t show up in Star Wars, and there are plenty of names to have popped up in both throughout the decades, but Cage isn’t going to be one of them. That hurts, if only for the sheer madness it would have brought to the sci-fi saga regardless of how large or small the Face/Off icon’s part hypothetically proved to be.