Nicolas Cage Rumored To Be Circling A Role In The MCU

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage and comic books go way back, and his entire life and career have been heavily influenced by his love of superheroes. The actor initially took his stage name from Luke Cage in an effort to distance himself from the Coppola dynasty and make it on his own, while he had to have his tattoo of Ghost Rider covered up by the makeup team when he played the title character in the 2007 film.

He also once owned a copy of Superman’s first comic book appearance that he sold for a record $2.1 million, came perilously close to portraying the Man of Steel in Tim Burton’s Superman Lives before finally getting to voice the Big Blue Boy Scout in Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, and even named his second son Kal-El.

On top of that, he suited up as Big Daddy in Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass, lent his vocal talents to manga adaptation Astro Boy and channeled Humphrey Bogart as Spider-Man Noir in the acclaimed Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Now, the Academy Award winner is finding himself linked to joining the MCU, with tipster Roger Wardell claiming that he could possibly be reprising his role as Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider via the multiverse.

Similar reports have been floating around online recently, and given his prolific output and general love of comic books, it probably wouldn’t take too much convincing for Nicolas Cage to agree to board the Marvel Cinematic Universe no matter what part he was being offered. However, Keanu Reeves has also been heavily linked with Blaze over the last several months and more recent rumors have hinted that Alejandra Jones could debut as the franchise’s female Spirit of Vengeance. Clearly, then, Marvel have big plans for the character and it’ll be interesting to see which direction they ultimately head in.