A Nightmare On Elm Street Fans React To Robert Englund’s Return As Freddy


Despite a fairly respectable box office take, the 2010 remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street didn’t exactly please either critics or audiences, and it’s telling that there was never a sequel featuring Jackie Earle Haley’s take on the iconic Freddy Krueger. But it’s been nearly a decade since it hit theaters, so why not have another go at resurrecting Krueger for a new audience, especially now that horror’s undergoing a renaissance in terms of box office?

That’s the question fans have been asking for years, and though we’ve heard chatter of a reboot here and there, nothing tangible has really materialized as of yet. Thankfully, then, we’ll soon get to see Robert Englund back in the role, as he’s set to reprise it next month.

Yes, though many probably thought they’d never see the actor under the heavy makeup and prosthetics again, ABC’s ’80s-set show The Goldbergs has managed to rope him in for a guest spot on this year’s Halloween special. People are pretty psyched about it as well, with folks taking to Twitter this past weekend to express their excitement – and you can see some of their reactions below.

From what we understand, the episode of The Goldbergs that Englund will appear on, titled “Nightmare on Elk Avenue,” will focus “on the fears of the show’s teenage protagonist, Adam, after seeing A Nightmare on Elm Street.” Details beyond that remain unknown, but it’s great to hear that the actor will return as Freddy and perhaps it’ll light a fire under New Line to get that reboot off the ground.

Speaking of which, the studio continues to pour resources into its new Nightmare On Elm Street. After much deliberation, Englund has revealed that unfortunately, he won’t be back, but we do know that David Leslie Johnson (The Conjuring 2) has been tasked with penning the script. As always, watch this space for more.