Robert Englund To Play Freddy Krueger Again On The Goldbergs


Though he’s been dogged by one creative setback after another, it’s really a question of when – rather than if – Freddy Krueger will return.

Last we reported, an online petition called for Bill Moseley, star of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2The Devil’s Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses, to headline a possible reboot of Nightmare On Elm Street. But if you’re yearning to see more of Robert Englund in the role, we’ve got good news, as the actor’s set to reprise as Freddy for an upcoming episode of The Goldbergs.

Yes, though many probably thought they’d never see Englund back under the heavy makeup and prosthetics, ABC’s ’80s-set show has managed to rope him in for a guest spot on this year’s Halloween special and you can check out a promo for it down below.

Pretty cool, right? From what we understand, the episode, titled “Nightmare on Elk Avenue,” will focus “on the fears of the show’s teenage protagonist, Adam, after seeing A Nightmare on Elm Street.” Details beyond that remain unknown, but it’s great to see Englund back as Freddy and this should no doubt put a smile on the face of every single one of his many, many fans.

That being said, it still doesn’t ease the pain of not seeing another Nightmare movie materialize. Though a reboot’s been promised for years now, nothing’s come to fruition just yet. And in a world where IT smashed the box office wide open, The Conjuring has spawned one of the most successful cinematic franchises and Michael Myers is returning to wreak havoc once more, it makes you wonder why no one’s brought Freddy Krueger back yet to show us all what real terror is.