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Nightwing Shortlist Allegedly Narrowed To Two

Matt Bomer and Sean Pignatelli have allegedly emerged as the frontrunners to land the role of Dick Grayson in Warner's upcoming Nightwing movie.

Day by day, we’re beginning to form a clearer picture of Chris McKay’s Nightwing movie.

Warner Bros. and DC Films, in particular, may be in a state of flux following Justice League, but McKay is clearly still chipping away at his big-screen adaptation of Dick Grayson, the heroic sidekick who’s been a cornerstone of DC Comics since as far back as 1963.

It’s still early days, what with no firm release date and/or casting news to report; nevertheless, that has in no way quelled the onslaught of rumors. Indeed, the latest report is alleging that Warner’s shortlist has been whittled down to two: Matt Bomer and Sean Pignatelli.

File this firmly in the rumor cabinet for now, as last we reported, Chris McKay hinted that he’ll be ready to share firm details in February. In the meantime, grab those tinfoil hats and let’s indulge in a little speculation.

Still with us? Despite the likes of Dacre Montgomery (Stranger Things), Zac Efron (Baywatch) and Nick Jonas (Jumanji) coming into contention, it’s now being claimed that Matt Bomer and the up-and-coming Sean Pignatelli have shot straight to the top of Warner’s wishlist.

In fact, the latter actor, who is perhaps best known for his involvement in Unexpected Reasons, addressed the rumors via Facebook:

It’s so great to hear my name thrown out there with these big stars! This would be the dream of a lifetime and a huge thrill to work with Director Chris Mckay. There would be no questioning, I’d give 210% day in and day out.

No word yet from Bomer – nor Chris McKay – so there’s a good chance Warner Bros. is still searching for its Dick Grayson. And considering the studio initiated an open casting call late last year, the coveted DCEU role is essentially fair game. Stay tuned for more.

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