No, Deadpool Doesn’t Have A Cameo Role In James Mangold’s Logan

Temper those expectations, folks. In light of reports claiming the Merc With a Mouth would swing by for a cameo appearance in next year’s Logan, director James Mangold has taken to Twitter to quickly set the record straight: Ryan Reynolds is not involved in Wolverine’s final screen appearance.

Labelling TheWrap’s post as “fake news,” Mangold’s comments were later reaffirmed by Reynolds himself, who noted that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine – or Prisoner 24601 – is very much on a solo mission when it comes to Logan. TheWrap has now updated its ‘scoop’ to reflect these denials, though there’s no further comment from the outlet’s alleged source or 20th Century Fox. How and ever, the fact that both James Mangold and Ryan Reynolds outright deny any Deadpool cameo leads us to believe that this unfounded report should be treated as no more than a fleeting, baseless rumor.

Reynolds’ portrayal of Deadpool struck a chord with moviegoers for his flippant attitude and general irreverence, while Logan looks set to send off Hugh Jackman’s mutant with a hint of melancholy. It’s the cinematic equivalent of apples to oranges, but then again, there is a very, very slim chance that this blowback is actually a red herring.

Here’s the latest via Twitter:

Logan is set to land on March 3, 2017, and James Mangold’s R-rated threequel continues to intrigue with its somber marketing campaign.