No, Supergirl Will Not Be In Justice League


San Diego Comic-Con is now over, but it brought with it a ton of goodies that fans are still buzzing about as they pick apart and dissect each and every trailer for any clues they can find that may tell them just a little bit more about their most anticipated upcoming releases.

Undoubtedly, one of the films that made the biggest splash last month was Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s Justice League. Though the blockbuster has been the subject of much uncertainty and worrying rumors lately, no one can deny that the new trailer Warner Bros. brought with them to Comic-Con was fantastic, showcasing some gorgeous shots, a few sure to be epic set pieces and our very first look at the villainous Steppenwolf.

At over 4 minutes in length, there was a lot to mull over in the preview and to no surprise, fans have already discovered a few very intriguing things. Perhaps the biggest talking point to emerge so far is that moment at the end, where Alfred’s speaking to an unknown individual – presumably Superman. However, with no confirmation of that, there’ve been many fan theories, some of them quite solid, pointing to it being Green Lantern or even Supergirl. And while we can’t rule out the former, we can now say with certainty that it’s definitely not the Girl of Steel.

How do we know this? Well, aside from it being pretty hard to believe that Warner Bros. would introduce a major character like Supergirl in an already over-crowded film like this, a Reddit user has come forth with some interesting information that’s been marked as “Verified” on the social media site – so we have no reason to doubt it.

According to the post, the Indian version of the trailer comes with subtitles which confirm that the person Alfred’s talking to is male. Here’s the report in full:

I am from India. WB India just launched 2m+ trailer of Justice League in regional Indian languages last week. I saw the trailer and noticed this. Remember last scene where Alferd says “He said you will come. Now let’s hope you are not too late”. Now notice “you will come” part is gender neutral in English? But, in Hindi(indian primary language) it says ” Usne kaha tha tum LOTOGE” which clearly means Alferd is talking to a Man/Male. In Hindi language LOTOGE is used for male so it is not gender neutral.

Though we still can’t say for sure who it is that Batman’s loyal butler is addressing at the end of the trailer, all signs are pointing to it being Supes. Again, introducing a major new character in Justice League would be a mistake as there’s simply not enough room for something like that. Not to mention that there’s been absolutely no evidence of Warner Bros. having plans for the Girl of Steel in the DCEU. Of course, it could be someone completely unexpected who hasn’t been brought up in the conversation yet, but for now, we’ll stick with our gut and just assume it’s the Man of Steel.

One way or another, we’ll find out soon enough, as Justice League zooms into theaters on November 17th. Further down the pipeline, Warner Bros. has also reserved space on its slate for AquamanWonder Woman 2 and Shazam, the latter of which is eyeing a production start in early 2018. Word is that an April 2019 release is on the cards, but one way or another, there’s no place for Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam.

Source: Reddit