Nostalgia Doesn’t Suck: Five Movies You Loved As A Kid (That Are Actually Pretty Good)


Let’s face it, before our cinematic tastes were fully developed, we had some rather questionable movie choices as children. Go ahead, look back at your movie collection. Aside from the staple Disney classics that every child should grow up knowing, you’ve probably got a stack of cartoons and live-action ridiculousness that your parents dreaded popping into your VCR. Wait, sorry, I forgot some of you reading this won’t know such an archaic method of playing movies, being born directly into the DVD generation of now.

Don’t worry, VHS tapes were just another way of playing movies at home, except they required actual rewinding, were big and clunky, and ruined your night if the film went off its track. A DVD scratch is nothing compared to a twisted VHS tape.

But have no fear, because the child in all of us wasn’t only drawn to terrible cinema. Even though we couldn’t tell a good movie from a pile of dirt, we got lucky every so often and became mesmerized by a treasured classic. I’m not talking only Disney movies either – there were phenomenal children’s movies if you actually looked for them. Trust me, Mom and Dad loved when you picked these movies over Beetleborgs or whatever crappy Power Rangers rip-off you were favoring that year.

So without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at five movies from your childhood worth watching again with your own kids – just so you can enjoy them one more time. Or a billion more depending on if you’re grooming your child to be a cinefile like you!