Official Empire Cover Spotlights A Battle-Ready Wonder Woman

It’s only Wednesday, and yet it’s already been a fairly busy week in the Wonder Woman camp. Much of that attention can be traced to Empire Magazine, after electing Diana Prince to be the cover star of its imminent April issue – and what a cover it is.

A handful of subscribers have already got their hands on Empire’s latest issue (see here), but the outlet has today lifted the lid on the standard cover that will be gracing store shelves from Thursday, February 24. Heralding new content for the likes of Alien: Covenant, Ghost in the Shell, Iron Fist and Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, it’s really Diana Prince who owns the limelight as the immortal warrior.

Decked out in full combat gear, this looks to be pulled from the moment when Gal Gadot’s Amazonian charges onto the front lines of The Great War, staying true to the old adage that if you want peace, sometimes you have to prepare for war. Soon after leaving the idyllic nest of Themyscira, God Killer in hand, Diana Prince buddies up with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) in order to save humanity from itself, much to the chagrin of Connie Nielsen’s Queen Hippolyta and the other elders of Themyscira.

It’s been long, long time coming, but Wonder Woman will finally light up the silver screen on June 2nd. Despite initial reports claiming that Patty Jenkins’ long-awaited standalone movie is little more than a “discombobulated” mess, the tide appears to be turning in Diana’s favor – at least, if knee-jerk reactions are any indication. Warner Bros. reportedly hosted an early screening of the film earlier in the week and the ensuing reaction was one of cautious optimism.

Wonder Woman 01

Source: Empire