Warner Bros. Debuts Colorful New Logo For The Suicide Squad


David Ayer’s Suicide Squad certainly fit the DCEU’s aesthetic that was established during the early Zack Snyder-driven years of the franchise, even if the movie that hit theaters didn’t turn out exactly how the director intended. While the speculation that Ayer’s original vision for the comic book ensemble could be getting the Justice League treatment has been dominating headlines recently, let’s not forget that a soft reboot for the titular team is arriving next summer.

Warner Bros. and DC are hoping that James Gunn will be able to replicate the formula that brought the Guardians of the Galaxy series so much success over at Marvel Studios with The Suicide Squad, because everyone knows fine well that the filmmaker is more than capable of crafting great superhero movies that focus on a team of misfits thrown together with the odds stacked against them.

Although it seems a little unusual for a franchise to reboot a property that earned it almost $750 million at the box office after just one installment, the first Suicide Squad is now arguably best remembered for studio interference and the recent rumors of the Ayer Cut rather than anything that actually took place on the screen.

In any case, as part of the announcement of the virtual DC FanDome event that will feature panels on a huge number of the studio’s upcoming movies and TV shows, a new official logo has been revealed for The Suicide Squad, and you can check it out below.

Plot details are still thin on the ground surrounding the reboot/sequel hybrid, but it surely isn’t a coincidence that the new logo has dropped as part of the DC FanDome marketing campaign. We know that there’s a huge and eclectic cast involved, and given the title, not all of them are going to make it to the end credits in one piece. The upcoming event looks more than likely to shed some new light on The Suicide Squad though, so it shouldn’t be long now before the lid is pulled back a bit.