WB Reportedly Seriously Considering Releasing The Ayer Cut Of Suicide Squad


Almost as soon as the official confirmation of the Justice League Snyder Cut brought the two and a half year campaign to an end, the focus seemed to immediately shift straight onto the DCEU’s other notable project that was released into theaters unrecognizable from how the director had originally pitched it.

It hasn’t exactly been a secret that David Ayer’s Suicide Squad was butchered by studio interference, and Ayer himself has been talking up his original take on the movie with increasing regularity on social media ever since the Snyder Cut was announced. The filmmaker even went so far as to say that he had his throat cut on the comic book adaptation, which ended up having two different edits put together at the same time during post-production, with the winner being the version that would earn Warner Bros.’ all-important seal of approval.

The home video release of Suicide Squad may have come packaged with an extended cut of the movie, but even that barely scratches the surface of the footage that didn’t make it into either version, and with the Ayer Cut starting to gain some serious momentum, DCEU Mythic now says that WB are said to be seriously considering following the Justice League template and making the alternate take on the divisive blockbuster an HBO Max exclusive. Which, let’s not forget, We Got This Covered first told you weeks ago.

With Ayer having shot enough of his own footage to screen an assembly cut that was ultimately dismissed by the studio, realistically his intended approach to Suicide Squad could be completed with some visual effects work that would only cost a fraction of what WB are reportedly pumping into Justice League. The higher-ups have made it abundantly clear that if there’s enough support behind an unfinished DCEU movie they’ll eventually listen to the fans and give the director the opportunity to bring their uncompromised vision to the masses, and if the Snyder Cut lives up to the lofty expectations, then the Ayer Cut likely won’t be too far behind.