David Ayer Says Suicide Squad Ayer Cut Definitely Exists


DC fans had a big win this week as Warner Bros. announced that the Snyder Cut of Justice League is coming to HBO Max next year. The director himself confirmed that it’s all thanks to the tireless campaigning of fans that this is happening. Fresh off this victory, then, DC lovers are already jumping on board another cause: get WB to release David Ayer’s cut of Suicide Squad

Infamously, the theatrical version of the 2016 supervillain team-up flick was not Ayer’s preferred cut and was heavily altered by the studio in an attempt to lighten it up. Ayer’s previously revealed various bits and pieces that we could’ve seen if his vision had been realized on screen. These have got fans excited to see his cut, and now we have the confirmation that it does actually exist. In response to a fan on Twitter today, the filmmaker made that 100% clear.

“Of course it exists,” Ayer wrote, as translated from Spanish. “And it is almost complete except for some visual effects.”

One thing Ayer’s discussed before is that there was originally much more of Jared Leto’s Joker in the movie. We’ve been able to piece together by now that the Clown Prince of Crime would’ve come back after his helicopter crash to get Harley to come with him. She would’ve stood up to him, though, and refused, thereby giving her a moment of independence that was lacking in the theatrical cut.

What’s more, Enchantress’ plan was to have directly tied into Justice League, with her making use of Mother Boxes and attempting to create a Boom Tube to contact the forces of Apokolips. Given that we’re going to see JL in its original form, it would be neat to have the real Suicide Squad made available alongside it. Thankfully, a report from earlier this week has claimed that WB is secretly working on the Ayer cut, with the plan being to release it on HBO Max as well. For now, though, we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed and see how this situation plays out.