Suicide Squad Ayer Cut Reportedly In The Works


This Wednesday saw the bombshell announcement that Warner Bros. will be bringing us Zack Snyder’s Justice League in 2021 on HBO Max. This will take his existing rough cut of the movie and polish it for release, meaning completing VFX and sound work and potentially some reshoots. But now it seems that Justice League might not be the only movie getting an official recut, as a new report claims that the “Ayer Cut” of Suicide Squad has also been approved – which We Got This Covered first told you was happening weeks ago.

The story comes via The Cultured Nerd, who are reporting that VFX house Zoic Studios has been contracted for work on both projects. They claim that multiple sources have told them Suicide Squad is being reworked under the production name “Ayerwolf,” which will revert some of the late changes made to the movie after Warner Bros. execs were unhappy with Ayer’s cut.

These include re-inserting the connective material about Enchantress’ involvement with the Mother Boxes and Apokalyptian technology and the reinstatement of multiple Joker scenes (namely, those where he makes a deal with Enchantress to become King of Gotham). I would imagine we would also see Harley Quinn’s full arc coming back, as well as multiple plot points involving other members of the team.

According to the story, we may even see this fairly soon. The new connections to Apokalips will feed directly into the new content in Zack Snyder’s Justice League with the intent of providing more background for Steppenwolf. As such, they claim that Zoic Studios expects work on the Ayer cut to take about nine months, putting it in line for a Holiday 2020 release (presumably on HBO Max).

I don’t know the trustworthiness of their sources, but this would certainly explain a mysterious post made by David Ayer in the wake of the Snyder cut announcement. Not to mention I’d love to see what the original plan for Suicide Squad was, and if it provides more context for Justice League, then all the better for it.