Olivia Munn opens up about her pregnancy and struggles with postpartum anxiety

Olivia Munn
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Olivia Munn continues to share the highs and lows of parenthood on Instagram after welcoming her son Malcolm into the world with boyfriend John Mulaney in November 2021.

On her Instagram story Wednesday, Munn shared that she’s still dealing with postpartum anxiety and physical changes after childbirth. “My hips still feel wonky from pushing out a human being,” the Office Christmas Party and X-Men: Apocalypse actress said. “My post partum anxiety is still here (and horrible).”

Postpartum anxiety and depression are common but largely under-discussed conditions that can exist after childbirth. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia writes that PMAD, or postpartum mood or anxiety disorder, can last for weeks or even years after having a baby.

Another part of the birth process is the “baby blues,” which CHOP notes exist in up to 80 percent of new mothers, but when those feelings of being overwhelmed by bringing new life into the world don’t disappear after a little while, it’s advisable to speak to your doctor.

Munn shared that she’s working through her postpartum anxiety and trying to move her body by getting back into martial arts.

“I got myself up and took my first capoeira lesson today. Getting back to martial arts made me feel a little bit more life myself. Hope I can keep it up.”

Munn has been open about the ups and downs of motherhood, often sharing snippets of her life with her new baby and boyfriend Mulaney on Instagram. She’s shared everything from breastfeeding trouble to the kindness of her community as she’s dealt with postpartum anxiety.

Munn’s next acting project will find her joining the cast of the Walking Dead spinoff Tales of the Walking Dead. We wish her a speedy recovery ahead of the new show’s production.