Wonder Woman 1984’s Opening Scene Has Been Revealed

Wonder Woman 1984

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is still the most critically acclaimed installment in the history of the DCEU, meaning expectations are much higher for the sequel. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman 1984 has already been subjected to multiple delays, and at this stage, there’s still no guarantee that it’ll hit theaters as scheduled on Christmas Day as Warner Bros. continue to shuffle their major titles around the calendar.

Gal Gadot’s return as Diana Prince was originally set for December of last year before being moved forward to November and then shunted all the way back to June 2020. Of course, that never happened given the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, and after being rescheduled again to August and then October, the most recent date was staked out last month.

Wonder Woman 1984 was once named as the most highly-anticipated blockbuster of 2020 before the theatrical industry was forced into shutdown, and in any other year, it would surely be guaranteed to trouble the billion dollar mark at the very least. After all, the trailers and TV spots have so far teased a much bigger and brighter adventure, and now a new description of the movie’s opening scene has been revealed, giving us an even better idea of what to expect.

Here’s how it reads:

“In the opening scene of Wonder Woman 1984, the child version of the warrior princess Diana Prince played by 12-year-old Lilly Aspell, a prize-winning show jumper in real life, engages in a lengthy physical contest, a sort of Amazonian Olympics. It takes place on Themyscira, the magical island and all-woman city-state that is her birthplace. It’s a dazzling sequence from a technical perspective, with many impossible-looking feats executed on a grand scale, but what stays with you is the sheer athleticism on the part of a very determined-looking little girl.”

Anyone that’s been following Wonder Woman 1984 will likely already be aware that the Amazonian Olympics would feature, and it appears that Jenkins is keen to start the movie with a bang by launching headfirst into an effects-driven action sequence, even though it won’t involve the leading lady herself. In any case, let’s hope the sequel arrives on schedule, because there’s a severe dearth of content out there to convince audiences that heading back to the movies in their droves is a worthwhile proposition.